Before and After Baby - Parent education classes and pregnancy advice

Parent education classes

Our parent education classes cover everything you need to know to help you be informed and confident at each stage of your pregnancy.
We offer advice on, health and lifestyle factors that can improve your antenatal experience. We discuss birth plans and pain relief techniques for your labour choices. We also provide practical advice on how to look after your new baby once you get home.

The classes are designed to involve both partners so that mums can be better supported with practical assistance during pregnancy, delivery and early days with baby. We are proud to have helped many couples Before and After Baby.

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Parent Education Classes course content

Health advice during pregnancy
Preparation for labour day, home, birth-centre or labour ward.
Massage techniques for partners.
Learn pain management techniques.

Active Birth
Positions to make birth easier.
Water birth.
Identifying stages of labour.

Birthing options
Birth plans and choices available
Pain relief options
Care during caesarean or assisted birth

When baby gets home
Breast and bottle feeding techniques
Understand what to expect during early weeks with baby
Be aware of important health issues for you and baby
Learn how partners can provide practical support

Enjoyable and informative
Our parent education classes are designed to help you make informed choices before and after birth. They are designed to be enjoyable and informative for both partners. They are held in a purpose-built studio and the small groups are a great way to socialise and make friends with other new parents with similar due dates.

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