Before and After Baby - Parent education classes and pregnancy advice

Parent education classes in South London

Welcome to Before and After Baby. Our parent education classes are here to help you learn as much as possible about ways to help maintain good health for you and your baby, Before and After labour. The classes are informative, fun and a great way to socialise and meet other parents to be.

Our antenatal classes are full of essential information so you can be best prepared for baby’s delivery. We discuss, what to expect, what’s normal (and what isn’t) your birthing options, pain relief, and relaxation methods, We also suggest lots of ways to help you feel calm and in control. We advise on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle to suit your pregnancy and how partners can be actively involved, before, during and after baby’s birth.

Unlike the NCT, the National Childbirth Trust, all of our parent education classes are run by qualified, practising midwives. We are able to advise on the latest policies at your local hospital and discuss birth plans to suit your individual needs.

We believe passionately that all women should be informed and prepared for labour and their early days with baby. Knowledge is power – and we really can make a difference.

Parent education classes run by midwives

We know from personal experience that becoming a parent for the first time can be a daunting prospect. But it needn’t be that way. With our help you can arm yourself with a wealth of knowledge that will give you and your partner new confidence for the days ahead.

Nature has many ways to make labour easier, some of which have been neglected by modern delivery methods. We are advocates of Active Birthing Techniques, including Water Birth and Home Delivery. We can help you form a birthing plan and to prepare for this exciting life experience.

Partners are important people too, so you’ll find our parent education classes are designed to be relaxed, instructive and enjoyable.